Sunday, 20 February 2011

Susi Bubble oOoOo

So on Friday I read on the Topshop Inside-out blog that Susi Bubble from one of my favourite fashion blogs, the style bubble was coming in to the Oxford street store on Saturday (the next day) to do a talk on fashion blogging for LFW. I was instantly filled with excitement and began thinking of a plan to get my family to let me go on a last minute trip. Rushing downstairs to ask I was greeted with my dad spontaneously asking me if I wanted to go to London the next day with my sister.. (this is when I secretly began doing overly enthusiastic star jumps of happiness in my head.)

So there I sat half an hour and a bit early for the talk in the middle of the floor of shoppers waiting to see Mrs Bubble herself. She wore an amazing Louise Gray shirt, Issey Miyake skirt, vintage shoes and Tsumori Chisato cardigan. A bright vision of highlighter colours cleverly put together to look as eye-catching and fresh as an exotic fruit. A very stylish fruit that is ;)

Afterwards she answered questions such as how do you get more traffic to your blog, do you feel celebrity style is more valued these days then street style, how did you make the transition from a job to full time blogger. I probably should of done my good blogger duties and taken notes like a few people around me but i'm not really one to be that organized :L She seemed really sweet and genuine, but slightly less energetic and well hate to say it but bubbly as I imagined. Although she was probably just tired from all the shows she had to go to in the week, god poor sole ;) 

Sitting next to Susi here is the head of Topshops blog, Inside-out. She seemed extremely friendly and nice as well. She talked about what Topshop like to post about such as, what girls are wearing in the office, new shows as hot off the catwalk as they possibly can and basically whatever they find interesting and want to share. She also talked about how she got her job as head of the blog and how to find inspiration for posts etc.
One thing Susi said that really stuck in my head was that if she dosn't like a show then she just won't blog about it. Simple as that. I thought that that was a bit silly really, if you get to go to all these shows why not show people what trends to avoid and what you think dosn't work, it can be just as interesting as what you do like. You shouldn't be afraid to get people talking sometimes. Just the tiniest bit of constructive criticism but overall, I still love her <3 xoxo 


  1. wow that's so great how it just worked out that you could go to London! She does look a little flat and tired in the pictures, but still sounds like an amazing experience :)



  2. Nice! she looks amazing :)

    Fashion Rehab

  3. Thanks for the analysis! I was very tired - I flew in from New York the previous day and was pretty exhausted.
    As for commenting on shows - I don't want to dictate trends... but that said, I don't really see many shows that I DON'T LIKE - there's always something positive to see. The reason being is that I tend to only see the shows I want to see and KNOW they will be good so that I don't waste my time...

  4. Okay point proven I think ;) seems like a good strategy. You did look amazing that day and after like a 10 hour flight! I wouldn't of been able to get out of bed let alone do an interview at 11 am in the middle of oxford circus! hahaha <3

  5. I'm jealous you got to go. Her outfit is amazing, I'm in love with the idea of looking like a stylish exotic fruit haha!