Sunday, 27 February 2011


To further persue the sweeping trend of bright block colours the highlighter-tastic Celine clutch is simply the icing on the cake. It makes a statement of minimalism and general fun with fashion. I would die to get my hands on the bright blue one or yellow or red.. in fact I think i'll have them all!

Another fantastic investment is this Marc Jacobs laptop case. A perfect accessory for the on the go fashion blogger. Yum Yum Yum!

But of course the high street shops are always there for us if our pockets aren't feeling as deep as usual. Woo American Apparel! For £40 its clutches for all! ;) xoxo 

Rise of the Polka-dot

After the Autumn/Winter 11 shows patterns have started to appear. One I've certainly picked up on is the  polka-dot (particularly large dots in a repeating pattern). They were all over the Marc Jacobs A/W 11 womenswear collection as well as Louise Gray, David Koma and Topshop Unique just to say a few. 

I adored Louise's collection. From balloon head pieces to spotty wellies, it was simply the perfect thing to brighten up this terrible English weather. Alexa Chung was also spotted (see the pun I made there ;) ) on the front row of Erdem's A/W 11 catwalk last Tuesday wearing her usual quirky-cool combination of Ralph Lauren collection Keyhole Printed Sunglasses ($250) in Houndstooth and a full-skirted nude dress from Orla Kiely's S/S 11 collection. Right on trend as usual. 

Keep the rise of the Polka-dot in mind next time your shopping. If things keep going in this direction they'll be the next big thing before you know it. Do tell me if you see them in any other shows! xoxo

(Marc Jacobs pictures from The Sartorialist. Louise Gray pictures from DazedDigital. Alexa Chung picture from


Ever seen something and thought, "how expensive?! I could make that myself!" Well I certainly have. (Please ignore the way that sounded like an advert for washing powder ;) ). When I came across a post on Honestly...WTF I was pretty excited to see how I could actually make beautiful accessorize myself and pretty easily at that. A few of my favourites were the braided hex nut bracelet and transparent clutch, fancy having a go???

Braided hex nut bracelet.

I'm thinking group trip to the nearest Homebase? ASAP!

For full instructions go here for the clutch or here for the bracelet. Have fun and please tell me how you get on! xoxo


Thursday, 24 February 2011

Paul Smith A/W 11 ready to wear

Paul Smith has made a totally wearable collection. I don't mean wearable for people in the fashion industry who can go from show to interview in whatever they like and not get funny looks (even with big pink fluffy accessories, sorry Prada but as much as I'd like to be I'm just not that brave). But something for us teenagers who want to be on trend but...subtly ;) Where you can go shopping, wonder around town etc and still feel fabulously with the season. For these sorts of situations this boyish trend is totally replicable! Im always up for a bit off geek chic, cardigans over shirts, rolled up sleeves, boyfriend jeans, big glasses, brogues and ankle socks. The third photo is my favourite, look at her posture and the way her head is tilted, it totally emphasizes the causality of the line. It all appears really laid-back but still eye catching (as no one wants to look like they've tried to hard). The mix of colour is great too, especially in the last picture with the light blue shirt and camel cardigan and then BAM, those bright orangy red brogues. Once again bringing the brights of the summer into winter. God and the careless slouchy look of the hair! I love it all, might even give some polk-a-dot trousers a go! We'll see ;) xoxo    

Example of a 'hard to get away' with accessory ;) 

Monday, 21 February 2011

My little black book. Entry 10.

I had a bit of a de-tour there with the last two posts but I'll try to get back on track. I cut and pasted these few pages together in the winter of last year, just after ELLE released thier 25th anniversary issue (all 450 pages of it!) The shoot titled 'The word girl' is one of my all time favourites. Mainly because it is so classic and timeless. Coco Rocha is incredible in it. Her fluency and passion really encapture the meaning and history of each of the 25 key pieces. My favourite is the leather jacket. The way the photographer David Vasiljevic shot it really embodied the excitement and adreneline that the leather jacket really is. Below you can see a few examples of the shoot.

Then of course Lindsey Wixon pops up as the face of yet another campaign. She's pretty much the same age as me, its mental. The fashion industry are starting to use younger and younger faces. I think this is sad as she cant possibly have a normal life, i'm sure its glamourous and exciting but the pressure to stay skinny, always working and traveling must be exhausting. I mean look at this incredible picture of Elle Fanning, she's on her way to international fame and shes only 14! (I think this rant is probably about 30% jealously and 70% real frustration, actually make that 40% 60% ;) ) 

Blake Lively. Love Love Love Love. I don't feel I need to give explanation as to why. Just because xoxo 

Page 17

Elle Fanning

Page 18