Monday, 7 February 2011

My little black book. Entry 8.

 AHHHHHH people are actually starting to read my blog!!! :) :) :) OMG. so. Exciting. But the show must go on. This page is one of my favourites so far, firstly as its Alexa and as it doesn't relate to any particular season or anything so I can pretend for a second i'm up to date. Now who dosnt love a quirky English style icon. I could tell you about how she became famous and got a bag named after her (she got a bag named after her!! One day that will be me! ;) ) and became a model/T.V presenter blah blah blah, but I've never even seen her do anything on tv, all ive seen are her amazing outfits in about every fashion magazine I pick up (even Heat :L ). In all the interviews iv'e read of her she always seems so cool, laid-back and humble, driving around Manhattan on Alex Turner (her boyfriend and lead singer of arctic monkeys) motorbike, going from shoot to interview to party to award ceremony, getting free clothes, and basically just looking cool all the time. Personally I think thats a good enough reason to decide she is bloody brilliant. Not forgetting her clothes, oh the clothes. Heres a bit of advice if your ever stuck on what to wear just google image Alexa Chung, she's rocked every look from pretty church girl to biker chick, you'd be surprised as to how inspiring some of her outfits are. Talk to you next time xoxo 

                                Inspiration for big orange hat purchase on previous post.

       Page 14.


  1. love that hat picture!
    hope you come and follow :)