Saturday, 12 February 2011

My little black book. Entry 9.

This was made around November last year. The phase where I went through wanting my cartilage pierced. I didn't think it was a good idea at first but then I saw this model in ELLE and I thought it was like the coolest thing ever. However I soon forgot about the fact I wanted it and have decided to leave my ears alone since :L I think I must of been distracted by the opening of the Selfridges Shoe Gallery, as it is the most mesmerizing and dreamy place ever. Especially the Christian Louboutain corner, like a little piece of red soled heaven (mental sigh).
 When I saw Brighton as the main set of Vogues, Lara Stone photo shoot I was just a little bit excited. Made me pretty sure that Brighton was the coolest place to be in the English summer. Having said that i'm yet to go to the pier in all white and people watch whilst eating candy-floss. Definitely top of my list for things to do this summer ;) And how amazingly striking and breathtaking is that cosmic Christopher Kane resort '11 pattern :O fashion just never disappoints xoxo

 Page 15

 Page 16

 Taken by me last summer on Brighton beach and in the North Lanes. On my Diana F+.

                                Just a little glimpse of the universe. Christopher Kane style. 


  1. thank you! that means so much, please feel free to follow :) xoxo

  2. wow i love your collages
    and your pictures are so awesomee. !

  3. Wow thank you! you and the pictures you take are just amazing! I look at your stuff in ELLE every week, I am in utter awe ;) please follow or keep checking, there's always more fashion inspiration to keep the posts and pictures coming :D xoxo Abby

  4. love the pictures you took with the diana!