Sunday, 30 January 2011

My little black book. Entry 6.

Here are my two favourite AW'10 collections, and both opposite ends of the spectrum. Chanel with out a doubt had the best show of the season. With Karl Lagerfeld bigger is always better and how to top last SS'10's barn dance and surprise show by Lily Allen then a 240-ton iceberg! I'm sure the audience had shivers down their spines and not just because of the unbelievable collection ;)  Louis Vitton had an old-Hollywood 1940's glamour about their campaign, classy and lady-like just like the runway show. I loved the use of tweed and warm winter colour's. The bodice-like corset re-worked for the 21st century also looks very elegant and romantic. Nearly up to date on the fashion calender now! xoxo 

 Page 10.
Page 11.

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