Saturday, 11 June 2011

Menswear. Part 1

I don't want to have to put the whole of menswear into one post because just imagine if a man did one post on womenswear thinking that was broad as it got, it would be an outrage, so don't fret, this is just the start of many menswear posts to come.

How brilliant are all these different styles of jackets, the colours and details are so unique. And who said men don't get as much clothing choice as women! ;)

                                      Check out the tie!                    The Linen suit has the perfect amount
                                                                                                 of cool and casual for Summer. 

These are the two most exciting pieces I have seen on men in a long time. Marc Jacobs' Zoro-like mask is just genius and really stands out against his simple shirt and jacket. Could he be any more brilliant? 

The final picture I didn't quite understand when I first saw it, but then I realized that its actually a noose! How cool and controversial is that! If wearing a noose neck tie with your work wear doesn't put a message across through clothing then I don't know what does. Absolutely fabulous. 


  1. honestly, I loke all those looks :D

  2. pretty funny the last one, but i like all the looks aswell