Tuesday, 16 November 2010

My little black book.

I have been filling in this little black moleskin book since about may/april time earlier this year. Ripping pictures out of magazines (mainly ELLE) sticking them in and writing by them (often spelling things wrong so please excuse my bad grammar). Its just a hobby i've done to keep up with love of fashion and the changing trends. I document my favourite add campaigns and stick in my must need items.

I was originally inspired to create a fashion blog by my two favourite bloggers, The Sartoralist (Scott Schuman) and style rookie (Tavi Gevinson). Their blogs are always so beautifully put together and interesting, updating nearly everyday with what fashions they have been inspired by. This is what I am going to aim to do. However i'm not very good with all this computer stuff so I prefer to document things in my little black book. So when I discovered the magic of the scanner I decided to bring my book to life and share it with other people on the world wide web.

I hope you enjoy looking at my 'cut and stick' take on the incredible world of fashion.

(little reference to Gossip girl there, my most favourite programme ever in the world, as you can see by my several pictures of Blake Lively :L ) enjoy! :)

Page 1

Page 2

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